Hemp Oil Dosage: The Proper Way

Hemp Oil Dosage: The Proper Way

Hemp oil is an excellent natural supplement for many different ailments. This blog post will explore the dosages of hemp oil and help you determine if it is suitable for your needs.

The different ways of proper Hemp Oil dosage

  1. The first way of the dose is to take a single drop per day:

This is the lowest dosage possible. The benefits of this include being able to accurately track your progress and determine if Hemp Oil will work for you. This way also allows you to slowly increase the dosage over time should your body be unable to handle an immense amount at once.

You can start taking hemp oil by putting one drop under your tongue in the morning before food or drink, then waiting 60 seconds before swallowing it down. The Synchronicity Hemp Oil is available in strengths of 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg.

  1. The second way of proper Hemp Oil dosage is to take two drops twice per day

-This method works well for those that are looking for a higher impact. It can be used by people who have previous experience with hemp oil or other natural remedies. The benefits include the ability to get relief faster because you are getting double the amount of cannabidiols. Still, it may also cause some side effects in specific individuals, such as fatigue and dry mouth, which typically go away after several weeks.

  1. The third way of taking Hemp Oil is to take one dropper full six times per day

-This method is the most effective means of taking hemp oil. It allows for a constant dosage throughout your entire day but may cause side effects such as fatigue and dry mouth if taken too much. The benefits include getting consistent relief all day long without having to worry about whether or not you took it already today.

When deciding on how many drops to take, several factors can influence how well Hemp Oil will work for you:

– Age: The older you are, the higher the CBDs required to get results since bodies become less efficient at processing cannabinoids with age.

– Weight/Size: Larger people require more CBDs to achieve the same results as smaller people.

– Metabolic Rate: This is how quickly your body processes things; high metabolism rates require fewer cannabidiols than slower ones.

– Overall Health: The healthier you are, the fewer drops needed because your body already has a lot of its natural remedies.


When beginning Hemp Oil treatment for chronic pain, it’s important not to expect immediate relief; otherwise, you may grow frustrated with taking hemp oil and stop when it doesn’t work at first.