A Personal Trainer From Nyack NY Answers People’s FAQs!

A Personal Trainer From Nyack NY Answers People’s FAQs!

It’s understandable if you have a lot of questions while you’re preparing to hire a personal trainer, because you’ll be preparing a really important investment in your overall health and wellbeing.

Personal training is also very complex, and it’s difficult to understand how professional trainers are so well attuned to their industry’s latest trends and workout techniques.

We’ve teamed up with a personal trainer nyack ny to answer some of the FAQs that a lot of people have for them, so keep reading to see if your questions are answered in the below sections:

How many days per week should I be going to the gym?

Although answering this question technically does depend upon your overall fitness and health goals, everyone should try to commit to at least three days per week for gym workouts—or other types of fitness and athletics. If you exercise any less than this, you’ll essentially just be starting over again and again without seeing any noticeable results.

Things get a little more complicated when it comes to the types of workouts that you should be doing each day, but mixing things up in terms of flexibility, resistance, strength and cardio training will help you exercise every muscle in your body!

What should I be eating prior to working out?

You should ideally have at least a little bit of food in your stomach prior to exercising, and many personal trainers will suggest a carbohydrate portion about an hour or two prior to arriving at the gym. Toast, yogurt and fruit are also good options to keep in mind, because they provide a decent amount of fuel without making you feel sluggish.

It’s also important to note that it may not be the best idea to eat before morning workouts, and your pre-workout food will likely depend upon what type of exercise you’re performing.

What should I be eating after exercising?

Post-workout meals are crucial for everyone, because your body will need replenishing and glycogen restoration after exercising your muscles. Most personal trainers will suggest a small snack within an hour after finishing your workout, which should comprise of healthy protein and light carbs.

You should then focus on eating your next meal within about 1-2 hours after your workouts, and you should try to avoid common mistakes like eating too much after exercising.

And as is easy to imagine, your post-workout meals should be healthy options that keep you and your body feeling rejuvenated and lean.

Why is cardio never enough for my exercise?

Although cardio training is crucial for everyone when it comes to maintaining strength in the lungs, heart and muscles, it doesn’t necessarily create the muscle-building stimulus that most people need from their workouts.

That’s why it’s important to add some strength training to your cardio workouts, because this will allow you to adjust your ranges of motion and target specific muscles that don’t quite get targeted during cardio training.

How often should I make appointments with my personal trainer?

Personal training frequency will always depend upon unique circumstances for each individual, but in general, you should consider seeing your personal trainer at least once or twice per week.

What’s important to remember is that you should still be working out and exercising without your personal trainer, but getting these weekly appointments in will go a long way to improve your individual exercises and keep you motivated toward reaching your fitness goals.

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